FAREWELL TO SUDAN – The Northern White Rhino & Other Species Which Went Extinct in 21st Century

“Humans regard animals as worthy of protection only when they are on the verge of extinction.” – Paul Craig Roberts

It is sort of true, isn’t it? Let’s think about it this way: Just because humans are intelligent species which has managed to evolve, somehow making the entire Earth its playground, a majority of other species have gone extinct.

I remember reading the stats which said 99% of all species have gone extinct. Okay, maybe humans cannot be blamed for all of them cause we came in much later. But there’s no denying that our interests and desires of wearing oh-those-fur-and-leather-clothes and living in that-remote-island-which-is-full-of-nature, somehow affect the natural ecosystem.

The 21st century has just begun and within 2 decades, so many species have gone extinct. Starting with the news of the northern white rhino, we bring you some other animals which met a similar fate.

Take a look.

Sudan – The last of northern white rhinos

Sudan - The last of northern white rhinos

World’s last northern white rhino has just passed away… Age-related complications were the main reason. It was 45 years old. It was something of a celebrity as it was a great ambassador of its species. Being listed as “The most eligible bachelor in the world” on Tinder (for fundraising), Sudan was the last hope for its species.

Euthanized on 19th March

Euthanized on 19th March

Despite various efforts to save it, the hard way of euthanasia had to be adopted because of its worsened condition. From its muscles and bones degeneration to infection in the leg, everything was going wrong which made it tough for Sudan to even stand.

Two females remain

Two females remain

Two females of the same species remain but after Sudan’s demise, it is tough to be optimistic. Although scientists have collected the genetic material of Sudan for future attempts of the revival of the species, it is just saddening…

Here are some other animals which went extinct in the twenty-first century.