GameMania Kenya Online Betting Platform- Review.


Game Mania Kenya is a mobile gaming application, with an incorporated virtual slot machine where one gets to place their bets on the mobile application.


GameMania is the official online casino of the Registration of Rambo Resources Limited, one of the most prominent publicly-traded gaming companies. It offers an impressive array of online games, including Virtual slot Machine, virtual table games, Roulette and other casino games. All of the games are available in an instant-play format, and many are available on mobile devices. GameMania is licensed by the Betting Control and Licensing Board of Kenya. Furthermore, the site offers sports betting with multiple markets and the Best Odds in the country so far.

Photo: Owners of GameMania; Rambo Resources Limited

Permitted Countries

GameMania is currently in operation in Kenya.

Virtual Games

Slot players have access to an array of games that they can play online on the GameMania app.

The virtual table game selection on GameMania features a number of different card and roulette games. These include multiple variants of roulette, as well as cold cup, fruit slots; big wheel; zoo game and baccarat.

All the games on GameMania have a user guide and a Demo to enable every player gain adequate knowledge about each game before they invest their money.

The games use the same or nearly the same rules found in most land-based casinos, and interactive features are included to make the gaming experience as real as possible.

Affiliate Program.

GameMania offers an agency program where by one registers to become an agent and he/she is given an affiliate link (referral link) to register customers and earn commissions from them.

  • Step 1: Once you register, login and go to “Referral” and copy your affiliate link there.
  • Step 2: After you copy your “ affiliate link” from referral share it on Facebook, twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp groups, telegram and all social media platforms you’ve in order to get customers.
  • NB: The more customers you register you increase your probability of having more players playing and thus a high commission coming
  • GameMania Kenya pays you a commission of 20% of the total net profit the company obtains from players invited via your referral link (LIFETIME earnings)
  • A bonus of 2ksh on each customer who register via your link which is different from the commission. The bonus of 2ksh is instant and as an agent you can be able to see it immediately a customer registers.
  • The commission is calculated daily at 0:01am and its withdrawal is done once per week mainly on Thursdays within 24hrs.

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