Kenyan Ladies Shamed by Nigerians after President Uhuru Said “Marry A Kenyan And Get Visa On Arrival” On Tuesday at Kasarani



Kenyans are mostly known by trolling others online by using savages, funny memes and creating puns.

This time round they are the one being trolled after President Uhuru Kenyatta Inaugural speech about getting Visa on arrival.

He also added it will be free to settle in the country if they marry a Kenyan, removing restrictions on some nations.

“If you wish and find a willing partner, you can marry and settle in Kenya,” he said during his inauguration address, saying the move was designed to cement African ties.

“This commitment we make again with no requirement for reciprocity.”

Nigerians saw the fun side of the statement where a leading News & Media Website in Lagos, Nigeria wrote an article about it.

The article attracted thousand of shares, comments, and likes.

Savages and funny comments carried the day.

Savages and Comments

Scott Hade: Lol ?!! When did Kenya now become Iceland with more women than men ?!!! You want us to marry shadows with skinny bodies like cane… you must be out of ya mind.. plus visa to Kenyan is like visa to Pluto … agree to take bobyrisk as your own and we will grant you guys visa to Imo state ?