Oburu Odinga’s Text Messages Reveal Tense Situation in NASA and What Mistakes They Did

Gumbo and Rasanga were opponents in the August 8 election, although they were both in support of the NASA coalition.


Rasanga run on the ODM ticket while Gumbo went as an Independent but remained supportive of the NASA coalition.

The election petition has put Rasanga in a difficult position in light of NASA’s position that the August election was not free and fair.

Gumbo’s lawyers took advantage of the situation and asked him to answer a yes or no answer to the question, “Was the August 8 election free and fair?”.

Immediately after answering “no”, Gumbo’s lawyers moved on as the Siaya Governor insisted on giving an explanation.

Even a slaughtered hen is allowed to make noise, why do you deny me the right of response?” Rasanga shouted as the court burst in laughter.

The matter is still ongoing at the Siaya High Court.