Strong Evidence That Both Gakuru’s Murder & Chopper Crash Were Assassinations…. Including Whatsapp Conversations.



We have all been wondering if all these cases were foul play or just normal accident, we (here) do not take any credit of the information provided here.  If you feel offended we have provided sources feel free to contact them.

What is the relationship of the 2 accidents, one involving an expert pilot affiliated to NASA but working for JUBILEE.; another accident involving a JUBILEE governor.

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In the case of Captain Apollo Malowa, it’s oddly suspicious that an expert pilot who had worked for the military, in strong physical and mental-health, could crash the chopper in water out of the blues. That such a big aircraft could disintegrate completely after landing on a water body.

Because there was a time a chopper crashed in Mt. Kenya as it was taking off. The chopper had on-board CEO’s like former NMG boss Wilfred Kiboro, who were touring the Rhino Ark projects funded from CSR contributions through the media. The chopper crashed in full glare of camera’s, and on hard-ground, but nobody died. They all came out unscathed.